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Technological Advantages

Technological Advantages


Compared with electric push rods, electric actuators, hydraulic cylinders, and air cylinders, electro-hydraulic push rods have the following advantages:
1. Reliable automatic overload protection performance; the motor will still operate normally without burning or damaging other parts even when being overloaded or reaching the end of the stroke. This can never be achieved by electric push rods or electric actuators.
2. Electro-hydraulic push rods can be started with load, which is difficult for electric push rods and electric actuators.
3. The push and pull force of an electro-hydraulic push rod is steplessly adjustable within the rated range, thus delivering a wide range of driving force. But this is impossible for electric push rods and air cylinders.
4. The electric power consumed by an electro-hydraulic push rod is half that of an electric push rod and an electric actuator under the same push force and speed.
5. The electro-hydraulic push rod applies fully hydraulic transmission, features sensitive action and stable operation, and can effectively alleviate the external impact force with accurate stroke control, while electric push rods and electric actuators cannot do that.
6. The electro-hydraulic push rod adopts a fully enclosed structure that integrates both the electric and hydraulic power. The working oil route circulates within the pressure-free enclosed steel cylinder that is small-sized, leak-proof, and easy to install and repair. It does not arrest dusts, or allow water inflow, or rust from the inside in harsh environment. Its service life is longer than air cylinders, electric push rods and electric actuators.
7. It only needs small investments. Air cylinders require expensive air compression stations, and the air pressures pipelines are vulnerable to leakage, unstable air pressure, and high noise; hydraulic cylinders require hydraulic stations, but an electro-hydraulic push rod can operate only after being connected to the power source.
8. Convenient repair. An electro-hydraulic push rod only needs to be replaced under special circumstances while a hydraulic cylinder requires a throughout examination before repairing, which will affect the normal operation of all parts.
    An electro-hydraulic push rod is applicable to reciprocating push-pull movement along a straight line (or reciprocating rotation to a certain angle), the workplace where a workpiece is lifted, lowered, or clamped, and can be used for remote conveying or in high-altitude dangerous areas. It can be centrally controlled by a program through a computer network. The product has now been widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, electric power, machinery, food, cement, chemical, water conservancy, transportation and other sectors as an indispensable general power source. Working Principle:
The electro-hydraulic push rod is driven by a motor, which rotates in the forward or reverse direction to output hydraulic oil through the two-way gear pump, and send it to the working cylinder via the oil route block to realize the reciprocating movement of the piston rod.Advantages:
1. Automatic overload protection: when the electro-hydraulic push rod is working, if the output force applied on the piston rod exceeds the rated value or the rod has reached the end point but the motor is still running, the oil pressure in the oil route will be raised to the set value, and the overflow valve will be activated to realize automatic overload protection. The machine will never burn despite the motor is running.

2. Self-locking: a pressure self-locking mechanism is installed in the oil route block of the electro-hydraulic push rod. When the motor stops, the piston rod will immediately stops at a certain position, and the pressure oil stays pressurized.

3. Stepless adjustment: the stepless adjustment of rated speed, output force, and stroke range is available as required by users.

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