The transmission mechanism and working requirement of electro-hydraulic push rod are introduced

The electro-hydraulic push rod is a kind of machine, electricity and hydraulic drive manipulator, suitable for reciprocating push and pull linear motion, can also be used for the need to rise, fall or clamp the work place, and can realize the centralized or automatic control of remote dangerous areas. Electro-hydraulic push rod is a kind of machine, electricity, hydraulic integration of new flexible transmission mechanism, it to the actuator (cylinder), control mechanism (hydraulic control valve group) and power source (oil pump motor, etc.) composition. According to the site installation space and user usage, the electro-hydraulic push rod can be in a variety of structural forms (see the outline size of the electro-hydraulic push rod for details, and can also be customized according to user requirements). The motor drives the positive and negative output of the pressure oil through the positive and negative rotation of the two-way hydraulic pump, which is sent to the cylinder through the hydraulic control valve, and also realizes the reciprocating movement of the piston rod.
The characteristics of electro-hydraulic push rod:
1, compact structure, easy installation, small space, simple maintenance.
2, can start with load, with overload protection function.
3. Two-way hydraulic lock is set in the circuit, which can stop at any position within the specified travel range and lock itself, and keep the output force unchanged.
4, push tension, speed (user requirements) stepless adjustable, driving force range is very wide.
5. Power off for some reason, push rod self-locking to avoid accidents.
6, Adopt full hydraulic transmission, sensitive action, smooth operation, can buffer external impact force, stroke control ≥0.5mm.
7, electromechanical hydraulic integrated fully closed structure, working oil circuit circulation in the closed steel cylinder without pressure, small volume, no oil seepage, in harsh working environment, no dust, no water, no rust, long service life. Electro-hydraulic push rod structure: hydraulic control valve group is mainly composed of relief valve, oil suction check valve, speed control valve (user requirements), hydraulic control check valve (hydraulic lock), etc., can also be based on the working characteristics of the electro-hydraulic push rod, the design of different functions of the oil circuit combination valve, in line with its working requirements. Generally, there are push-out self-locking, pull-back self-locking and push-pull self-locking; Running speed can be regulated, not adjustable type; The working Angle of the electro-hydraulic push rod is horizontal push, push up (including oblique up), push down (including oblique down) and so on.


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