Electro-hydraulic push rod preferred Mars electromechanical

In 1942, the United States based on a laboratory of Massachusetts College as the center, the electric push rod on the electronic equipment failure of the main component of the reliability of the vacuum tube made an in-depth investigation. In 1950, the United States set up a regret, army, air force "Department of Defense electronic equipment reliability working group", 1952 published a report on the reliability of 17 recommendations, and the working group renamed "Department of Defense electronic equipment reliability Advisory Group" (AGREE). In 1995, Japan Science and Technology Union set up the Reliability Research Committee. In 1962, the French National Institute of Communications by the establishment of the "reliability Center" science magazine; The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe have also carried out reliability research o1965, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEc) set up the reliability technical committee redundancy 56, held the first electronic product reliability symposium in Tokyo, unified the national reliability terminology, and developed standards. ] In 968, the second Symposium on the Reliability of electronic products was held in Budapest.

Chinese reliability studies started in the late 1950s, when the Ministry of Mechanical Industry Fourth established the reliability research Institute in Guangzhou. In the 1960s, the Seventh Ministry of Machinery Industry also set up related research institutes. In 1975, the Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences held a "Reliability Mathematics Discussion class". In 1979, the Chinese Society of Electronics established the Reliability and Quality Management Society. In 1980, after the National Reliability Academic Exchange Conference, many colleges and universities set up courses on reliability theory and government application, and carried out research in this field, mainly for the reliability research of electronic products and electronic equipment. National defense industry and aerospace engineering attach great importance to reliability engineering research. Gratifying achievements have been made in personnel training and reliability technology development of computer gong. Since May 2005, China Aerospace Material Engineering Corporation has systematically carried out the demonstration and planning of the whole life cycle reliability assurance project of missile weapon systems, and outlined the overall structure and development idea of the reliability work of the aerospace Science Department in a relatively comprehensive and accurate way, laying a foundation for the reliability work in a planned, organized and systematic way in the future.

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